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Annual Networking Meeting and an Interactive Discussion of Finance Fundamentals - Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 6pm, at Jefferson

Michael Clancy, MBA, CFP®, CLU

An experienced financial planning professional, Mike now serves the Drexel University College of Medicine community with counseling and financial planning assistance including financial literacy and debt management. He will share tips and insights valuable for people at all stages of life and career from those just starting out to senior professionals and into retirement.




Putting Social Intelligence to Work
for Women in STEM

October 22, 2014, 6pm, Drexel Med (East Falls)

Janet Lorenz, Founder, & Daryl Nardick, PhD, Senior Principal
Creative Leadership, LLC

Women in science have come far over the past 50 years and yet there are still barriers to full participation – visible and invisible – for us to break through. Learning and practicing social intelliggence skills for leading can help us make this happen. Social intelligence - SI - describes the intra- and interpersonal competencies that help individuals and groups build effective relationships, frame the "right" problem, bring awareness to emotions, and navigate challenging situations. Research in psychology and neuroscience by Daniel Goleman, Carol Dweck, Richard Boyatzis and others shows that embracing and practicing SI is a key leadership ability that delivers both personal and professional value.

In this 2 hour program we will learn the components and key behaviors of SI, examine data around its effectiveness, and engage in applying SI thinking, practices and choices to one to two real world scenarios that scientists may face in the course of their career.

2014 Awards

2014 Elizabeth Bingham Award Recipient, Marielena “Maty” Mata, PhD, (center)  joined by  nonimator, Svetlana Fayngerts, PhD, (right) receives her plaque from co-nominator and outgoing AWIS-PHL President Allison Beal, PhD.


Rebecca Pierce (left), graduate student in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of PA, is congratulated on receiving the 2014 Robert E. Davies Travel Award, by outgoing AWIS-PHL President, Allison Beal, PhD.


Other Award Winners not shown:

Stephanie Manasse, Department of Psychology, Drexel University, 2014 Adelaide M. Delluva Travel Award

Justine Zhang, Archmere Academy, 2014 AWIS-PHL-sponsored High School Science Award administered by the Delaware Valley Science Council>


(photos courtesy of Katherine J. Kuchenbecker, PhD)

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